Goal Plan for 2019


2019 is the third year I am holding myself publicly accountable to my goals both through this blog & through accountability partners in my mastermind groups. The purpose of writing my goals in the format below is to clearly plan and organize my commitments, understand my motives and learn about myself from the entire experience. In addition to my Yearly Goal Plan, I will be writing Quarterly Updates, which will serve as a mechanism to “course correct” as the year progresses. Throughout this process, I will be 100% truthful with myself and learn from both my wins and mistakes.

Learnings from 2018 + the Theme for 2019:


“There’s no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all equal as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that is that. I am not talented, I am obsessed.”

— Conor McGregor

I’m learning in order to be highly successful in any arena you need an element of infatuation. In other words, you need, at the very least, to be somewhat obsessed with the end result.

So how does one become more obsessed? Well, one way is to remove lesser, time wasting goals & distractions so you have more time to work on the ones you’ve deemed priority. Over the last 3 years of goal setting, I’ve learned that having too many goals splits my energy, focus & willpower watering down the entire goal setting process. Switching from one focus to another, and then another is just “dabbling” and that’s NOT how success is made.

You have to hammer at a goal with intensity—much like forging a sword you must hammer it into existence, being aggressive, focused and obsessive with your efforts. In my first year of this blog I had 20 goals and only achieved 11 and so the following year I limited my goals down to 8 which was much more successful and enjoyable, so I’m continuing this trend with only 9 goals and fortifying it with a this theme of obsession.

Additionally, the biggest learning I had in 2018 was that it’s simply just not enough to set goals—even if you have the best intentions and track your progress, you need to go further. A key element that was missing from my goals in the last 2 years was strategic planning. So this year, I will be breaking down each goal step-by-step—a plan of attack, if you will.

Lastly, in these last 2 years of goal setting I’ve learned that monetary business goals aren’t always effective. As an entrepreneur money isn’t always predictable. I don’t get a paycheck every 2 weeks. The reward I get is isn’t always relevant to the work I put in, but instead sometimes fluctuates with the market, the season, a trend or a technology, so in learning this, I’m switching my motive for my business goals to the amount of impact my work has. I believe the impact and output of my work will ultimately be related to the monetary value of my work.  

Goals for 2019:

1. I will organize my digital life

As someone who spends much of his time behind a screen, I have to admit my “Digital Life” is fairly unorganized and it’s easy to see why. For years, I’ve run businesses, client projects and personal passions behind a computer. This means multiple email accounts, SAAS services, domains, hosting services, thousands of images, countless software and more. This digital clutter can cause symptoms of anxiety and I want to overcome this in 2019 so I can show up my best self each time I open up my computer. In order to do this I’ve created a step by step plan on all the things I need to address and how I might correct them.

  1. Email management
    • Inbox Zero
    • Tagged Emails
    • Create a junk email for email marketing research + junk emails
  2. Photographs – Organize via Google Photos (or research alternative)
    • Follow an image editing workflow (ask Nate)
  3. Auto backups (with online backup)
  4. Music (choose primary service & consolidate all music)
    • Create playlists by mood – uplifting/focus/relaxing/boss/nostalgic/indian/workout
  5. Move entirely into the Google ecosystem (no more icloud, Evernote or notes.app)
  6. Browser
    • Refresh Password Management (with backups)
    • Update Autofill
    • Organize Bookmarks
  7. Crypto Management
    • Update and secure wallet and backups
  8. Facebook
    • Organize groups & limit notifications
  9. Tidy Contacts
    • Consolidate duplicate contacts
  10. Consolidate Old Backups & Hard Drives
  11. Google Drive
    • Consolidate Google Drive, iCloud & Dropbox
    • Fix Google Drive duplicated problem
  12. Hosting: Consolidate Bluehost, Sitegrounds, Google Domains & GoDaddy
  13. Consolidate Calendars: iCal, Google Cal, Holiday Cal, Remove duplicate Bdays
  14. Merge Day One / Journal / Yearly Wraps / Personal Blog
  15. Other
    • Uninstall any software you’re not using (MacBook & Phone)
    • Clean up Desktop / My Documents

2. Learn how to loop / live loop

These last 3 years have been musically full & amazing. I joined a choir, learned how to sing, sang on stages, played instruments (ok they’re just the bongos, but still!) and more. In 2019 I want to take my musical ability to the next level. I’ve always to be more musically expressive, for that reason I’ve decided to learn how to Live Loop which is the process of recording my voice and looping it over layers to create a fuller musical experience with a minimalist approach to equipment and instruments.

  • Setup Studio
    • Mic
    • Looper
    • Software
  • Get Looping lessons
  • Create a regular practice routine
  • Record & share with my work regularly

3. Develop a “Learning Framework”

Knowing how to learn is a powerful skill. I believe if you know how to learn, the process of learning becomes more enjoyable and it makes you far more valuable as a person, especially as an entrepreneur. Personally, I consider myself a lifelong learner; I love learning about all sorts of things from interesting books, courses, mentors and podcasts. I’m constantly learning new recipes, new software, new technology and more. As an entrepreneur, much of my job is…learning.

The thing is, though I retain a decent amount of the information I learn, I definitely don’t retain most of it. But perhaps more importantly, I seldom “act” on or utilize what I’ve learned and sometimes I spend time learning things which aren’t very useful to me at all (the other week I watched a video on how parmesan cheese is made – wtf?!). The aim of this goal is to improve my approach to learning new material and to be more selective with what I spend my time on and to design a system which will encourage me to utilize the material I learn. Below are some key questions and half-baked strategies to help me fulfill this goal.

  • Decided on what you want to learn & prioritize: Internet Marketing / Productivity / Business / Leadership / Stage Presence / Charisma / Sales / Fitness
  • Determine best time to learn? Driving Car, Walking, Listening to Podcasts while working? YouTube Videos, Documentaries, Courses etc.
  • Document each thing I watch/learn
  • Determine the best way to share the best of my learnings with my audience
  • Have a central place where I write my notes on things I learn (then catalog these)
  • Have a central place for “Action Items” from each learning.
  • If I hear something good on an audiobook/podcast while driving – where do I put the note? How can I do this using only voice?
  • Design a page or template to follow when learning/listening/watching something useful
  • Write an expanded blog posed on Learning to collect all information in 1 helpful post for others and for future reference.

4. Sell my e-commerce business

In 2015 I started my 3rd e-commerce store, this time with my brother and since then the ride has had some epic ups and downs. We’ve had years which were extremely successful and on the flip side we’ve also almost gone out of business too. But in 2018 we had a strong numbers and the store now has a strong foundation. The only thing is, this particular business is one neither one of us are passionate about. And knowing the importance of working on your passions, we’ve decided it’s probably best if we sell this business and focus our energies on something we’re both passionate about. Below are some of the things we need for a successful sale.

  • Show strong numbers for 2018/2019
  • Determine if we want a broker or if we want to sell ourselves
  • Determine if we need any legal advisory
  • Determine how much we want to get for the store
  • Determine who from our staff is included in the sale and/or if we keep our staff for other projects

5. Learn Video – Shooting & Editing

For those of you who are familiar with this blog, you might find this goal somewhat familiar. In the past I’ve had a goal of recording 10 videos for my personal development brand. Unfortunately, this goal never happened. But now the desire to become competent behind and infront of the camera is stronger than ever before. I really feel knowing how to present yourself in front of a camera is one of the most powerful skill sets to have in 2019 and this year I will be much more active with video, especially for the Bushido Code. Below are some of the key steps in achieving this goal.

  1. Cut Bushido Body Videos
  2. Fix EOS M autofocus issue OR buy/borrow new Camera
  3. Make Bushido Code Intro/Outro Clips
  4. Shoot 60 second Bushido Video
  5. Hire someone for kickstarter video
  6. Mimic Brendon Burchard’s OVO video technique
  7. Film & Edit Journal Course

6. Design the best planner in the world

In the last few years, I can’t think of too many things I’ve been more passionate about or more excited about than my planner, “Plan & Conquer” and it’s coming along swimmingly, though a little behind schedule. This was a goal of mine in 2018 and though I had a good start on it, it’s far from being complete. Below are the steps required to bring this goal to life in 2019.

  • Design Planner PDF V1 & Print Samples
  • Refresh on Brendons OVO strategy
  • Kickstarter Campaign
  • Order First Batch
  • Design customer flow Journal > Journal Course > Bushido Code Master Program
  • Outline Intro Course
  • Outline Premium Course
  • Film Intro Course
  • Film Premium Course
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Get the planner into chapters (stretch goal)

7. Build an impressive physique

In 2018 I finally hit a goal of 200lbs after 3 years of missing it. Now that I achieved this weight, I need to ask myself what’s next in my pursuit for an “impressive” physique. The goal itself is a little abstract, so I must determine the specifics of this goal. Below are some of the questions and milestones I must reach to complete this goal.

  • Determine my goal—bulk more or cut? Answer, continue to bulk until March 31st
  • Determine which exercises I need to do for rehab
    • Issues: Ankle Mobility, Calf Tightness, Pelvic Tilt, Forward Neck, Loose Abs
  • Revise Routine Document & Print
  • Revise diet according to goals & commit to meal prep sundays
  • Commit to a schedule (6 days on 1 day off)
  • Order supplements
  • Rest deeply – ZMA/Float Tank/7-8hrs sleep daily

8. Monetize & iterate on the app

In 2018 I created an app called Primr, a brain training app designed to help you be more creative, focused and quickly achieve flow state. It’s currently free in the App store and the feedback we’ve been getting so far has been promising. In 2019 I want to promote this app (we didn’t promote it at all in 2018) and I also want to monetize the app and improve it based on the feedback we get. Below are the steps needed to achieve these goals.

  • Create a press kit
  • Promote App (PR)
  • Gather feedback from users
  • Iterate on app based on feedback
  • Improve/Segment Onboarding
  • Create Monetization Strategy
  • Advertise & Revise

9. Find my groove in routine AM/PM/DND/Movement

Less of a goal and more of the pursuit of a “habit”, I want my AM / PM / DND (do not do) and Movement routines to become…well, routine. These routines are my guiding star. If I complete each of these routines daily, it’s almost impossible to have a bad day. If I have good days, then i’ll be able to secure a good year. Below are the steps needed to achieve this goal.

  1. Know my AM PM DND routines
  2. Actively practice routines daily & revise if needed
  3. Write in my Journal Daily
  4. Revise & print workout book

Quarterly Goals

Below are is a rough outline of which goals I will target in which quarter. I find breaking my goals down into quarters like this greatly helps me tackle overwhelm and keep me focused on the 3-5 most important goals each quarter.

Quarter 1

  1. Launch Profitable Bushido Body Course
    1. Research successful launch strategies
    2. Populate Kajabi Pages
    3. Create Email Marketing flows
    4. Facebook Ads
    5. Retargeting Strategy & Ads
  2. Design & Print Plan & Conquer
    1. Design Journal
    2. Order Sample
  3. Learn Kickstarter Marketing & Launch Plan & Conquer Kickstarter
    1. Research & follow a Kickstarter Course
    2. Make video (hire videographer)
    3. Make Page
  4. Fix top 3 technology bottlenecks
    1. Fix slow mouse problem (buy new mouse?)
    2. Fix duplicated Google Drive
    3. Setup Auto Backup on WD
  5. Bulk until March 31st
    1. Cook bulking meals every sunday  
    2. Revise Workout book
    3. Print workout book & follow routine

Quarter 2

  1. Record & Launch: Bushido Code—High Performance Training
  2. Start Cutting down to sub 10% BF
  3. Fix 3 Technology Problems
  4. Improve on the App based on Data

Quarter 3

  1. Sell Store
  2. Create 3 videos a week for BC
  3. Learn How to Loop in the summer
  4. Fix 3 Technology issues
  5. TBD

Quarter 4

  1. Fix remaining technology issues
  2. TBD
  3. TBD
  4. TBD
  5. TBD

// end of 2019 Goal Plan