My January 2017 Goals Review

At the end of each month I perform a monthly goal review where I measure the progress of my 2017 goals and recalibrate my performance to ensure I reach my targets for the year. The Objective of this review is to be 100% honest and truthful with myself and learn from my mistakes & wins as I go.

Below is my January 2017 Monthly Goals Review, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I’ve made so far. Ultimately, it is my hope that my goal list and process inspire you to set and achieve your own goals.

Business Goals:

1. I will easily 5x my monthly income by December 31st 2017:
In eCommerce, January is historically a slow month in comparison to December, but due to our growth this month we managed to gross more sales this month than we did in December. This month was our first month crossing into 6 figures revenue territory. However, overall profits were down slightly in comparison to December, but this is expected.

2. I will easily launch a successful Subscription Service by December 31st 2017:
Currently, I have 2 subscription model services in the works. 1) A monthly Masterclass for the Bushido Code and 2) A subscription toiletries brand.  This month I designed a webinar to generate leads for The Bushido Academy Masterclass Series and met with a producer to discuss timeline & cost to create a marketing video for our toiletries brand. My goal for February is to add value to The Bushido Academy, improve the conversion rate of the webinar and schedule the production of our toiletries brand marketing video.

3. I will easily host my first Retreat by Dec 31st 2017:
Key members are onboard for a retreat in 2017.  This month my team and I planned a small “inner-circle” retreat for early February, we will use this rereat to model our outer circle retreat later in 2017.

4. I will easily be a Certified High-Performance Coach by December 31st 2017:
Training begins on June 26th. Application & Payment due end of February 2017.

5. I will easily Launch a Course by December 31st 2017:
Reconnected with the team to commit to filming the Bushido Body course in mid-February. I will use the first week of February to refine the Master Bushido Body document so we have clear objectives for this project.

6. I will easily hire a team by December 31st 2017:
This month I hired 10 potential candidates to expand our team, after a few rounds of vetting, 4 remain. My goal is to build a strong team which can streamline our eCommerce business. My next task for this project is to create a workflow which will allow the team to work synergistically.

7. I will easily record 30 videos by December 31st 2017:
I haven’t made any progress on this goal yet. I will get into a regular rhythm of producing content once the Bushido Code Academy webinar is live & optimized this month.

8. I will easily write 5 days a week by December 31st 2017:
I only wrote for a total of 9 days this month. Far below my goal of 5 days a week. This is a task which I need to schedule time for. I also believe this is a goal which will bring itself to fruition once the Bushido Code Academy webinar is live & optimized this month.

9. I will easily reach 200,000 followers on Social Media by December 31st:
 No progress on this goal yet. The plan is to rewatch my Social Media courses & implement their strategies full force when my webinar is optimized this month.

Health & Fitness Goals:

10. I will easily be in the best shape of my life by December 31st 2017
Overall I satisfied with my progress with this goal. I feel healthy & look fit. My diet has been good with the occasion binge-junk food session.  I will be refining my training routine this month to include more & faster workouts throughout my week. Weight gain has stagnated at about 182 so I have asked my friend and personal trainer Ryan Lindsey aka The Fitness Hippie to outline a meal plan in line with my goals. In February I will implment this new diet plan & workout plan and report back on my progress.

11. I will easily do the Splits by December 31st 2017:
I have been performing less stretching routines during my workout sessions lately. But in February i’ll be changing to a 5-day workout routine which should help with my consistency. I have seen progress in my splits but could use a proper progression program. I will reach out to my friend Slava for this.

12. I will easily hire a Muay Thai Coach by December 31st 2017:
This goal is planned for Q3, no progress yet.

Travel & Lifestyle

13. I will easily cross off 2 different destinations on my LIFE LIST by December 31st 2017

This goal is ideally for Q3-Q4. Currently Hawaii is on the list for a possible family trip. Other potential locations inlcude New York or Montreal and SE Asia.

14. I will easily have lived in a Creative Space / Loft by December 31st 2017:
This goal is set for Q2. All my energy is going to into reaching my income milestones for Q1 and Q2 to make this goal a reality. So far, so good!

15. I will easily record a Song by December 31st 2017:
This month I joined a choir and had my first few practice sessions, the whole experience has been so good! Our lead, Rebecca is amazing and I’m really grateful to be under her instruction. This month I commit to practicing more regularly.

Personal Development Goals:

16. I will easily Meditate every day by December 31st 2017:
This month has been my best month for meditation. I meditated every day except for 1 missed day. Sometimes I would shorten my meditation times from 20min to 15min or 10min., but I meditated every day except for 1.

17. I will follow my morning routine 5 days a week by December 31st 2017:
My morning routine this month was and improvement over December, but still bumpy. I had good success waking up at my designated time, though when I would falter, I would falter 2-3 days in a row. But even when I would wake up at the correct time, I would not put 100% effort into my morning routine, often looking for shortcuts or making excuses.

When I perform my routine in its entirety, I notice a big different in my energy, happiness and focus throughout the day. I recommitment to this goal by heading to bed by my set bedtime so I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day with enthusiasm and a morning routine designed for success!

18. I will easily Condense 12 books into Reports by December 31st:
No progress has been made on this task yet. But I have thought about the format for the book reviews—ideally I would just record the biggest idea of each section/chapter and provide 3 supporting points for each idea, instead of alternatively dissecting each section and following the information architecture of the author, which in a condensed format may not be the best approach.

19. I will easily attend 1 Personal Development Event by December 31st 2017:
I am very interested in attending the High-Performance Academy in San Diego in March, but I still have time to decide if this is the right event for me.

Selfless Service

20. I will easily donate 1000 articles of clothing to the Homeless
No progress has been made on this goal yet. Goal is to donate during the winter of Q4.

2017 Goals Calendar

The Goals Calendar serves as a mechanism to spread your goals and goal progressions evenly throughout the year. It prevents overload and forces you to create a plan which increases your chances for success.

Quarter 1: Jan 1st-March 31st

  • 185lbs
    • Create Meal Plan
    • Commit 100% to workout plan
  • Join Choir DONE
  • 2x Monthly Income from Dec 2016
    • Launch Bushido Body Course FEB
    • Launch Monthly Subscription Service FEB
    • Hire Designer & 2nd VA JAN
    • Redo Instagram Domination Course MARCH
    • Build a team for the Smile Club Project FEB
    • Schedule Posts MARCH
  • Record 8 videos
  • Taxes
  • Read & summerize 3 books
    • Secret of the Ages
  • Meditate 15min Daily
  • Write for 45min Daily
    • 8 Blog Posts
  • Hold weekly Sunday reviews x4

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