My April 2017 Goals Review

At the end of each month, I perform a monthly goal review where I measure the progress of my 2017 goals and recalibrate my performance to ensure I reach my targets for the year.

The objective of this review is to be 100% honest and truthful with myself and learn from my mistakes & wins as I go.

Below is my April 2017 Monthly Goals Review, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I’ve made so far. Ultimately, it is my hope that my goal list and process inspire you to set and achieve your own goals & ambitions.

General Monthly Overview:

April has been a very satisfying month for me. I’ve never felt as productive or focused as I did this past month. I definitely worked the hardest I have in recent memory.

However, the month wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, to-date April was my lowest performing sales month of the year, but as you’ll read in this review, you’ll see why I’m not too concerned.

As I usher in May I’m excited for the warmer months ahead. I’m a summer baby and I feed off the energy, longer days and vitamin D all provided by the sun. Also, I’m now posted in Downtown Vancouver—not quite in a loft yet but inching towards that goal day-by-day 🙂

Have an amazing month and I hope you get some benefit out of my review below.

Lots of love—Sunny.

Business Goals:

1. I will easily 5x my monthly income by December 31st 2017:
As mentioned in the overview above, April was my slowest sales month of the year so far. But despite this, I’ve had a huge mental breakthrough for how I view and operate my business. The truth I’ve come to learn is that in order to make money, you have to spend money. And generally, I’ve been quite stingy with my spending. This likely comes from growing up in an immigrant household where I witnessed my parents work hard, and spend sparingly, saving so that we can enjoy many of the privileges we have today. But when it comes to business, you want your money to work for you, and I’ve now started to invest into my business more by hiring rockstar talent instead of doing as much of the work as possible by myself, or worse—hiring sub-par talent. Delegating tasks to capable people free’s up time and expands my capabilities. I’ll elaborate on this in goal #6.

2. I will easily launch a successful Subscription Service by December 31st 2017:
After canning my Toiletries Subscription Service idea earlier this year, I’ve put all my time & effort solely on my main eCommerce venture. This has allowed me to be much more focused & productive. I will still execute on a Bushido Academy Monthly Masterclass subscription service later this year, but not before I have grown and fully automated my eCommerce business.

3. I will easily host my first Retreat by December 31st 2017:
Beyond the progress we’ve made in past months on this task, no additional progress was made on this goal for April.

4. I will easily be a Certified High-Performance Coach by December 31st 2017:
Due to a conflict in schedule, I have changed the date for this certification training to the Fall of 2017 instead of Summer 2017.

5. I will easily Launch a Course by December 31st 2017:
The Bushido Body course is roughly 70% complete, but due to travel amongst multiple team members, filming has been postponed until the end of May and I aim to launch shortly after.

6. I will easily hire a team by December 31st 2017:
This goal was where the bulk of my efforts lay in April. After my original team (assembled in February) started to fall apart, I had to figure out what I was doing wrong and how to improve it. A big part of the problem was a limited budget. We’ve all heard the saying, “you get what you pay for” and as I’ve come to find out, this is also true in business. As a result I’ve increased the budget for my team and since then the quality of our work has improved dramatically. Much work still remains as I create efficient processes and continue to add members to our team, including a full-time eCommerce Manager. Additionally, I have learned it helps to hire people who specialize in what you’re looking for. For example, I spent a lot of time sourcing an eCommerce Manager on my own, but recently I’ve teamed up with a Virtual Staffing agency who will help find me my ideal Manager and will also help me scale my business when needed. This resource should help me find a better candidate for me while also removing much of the headache associated with sourcing multiple team members and scaling operations.

7. I will easily record 30 videos by December 31st 2017:
No progress has been made on this goal yet. But in my Q1 review, my accountability partner and I came up with a strategy to get this task done in 2017. I’ve refocused on how I’m going to be making these videos and I’m opting for quick 1-min style videos which will be sharable on Instagram as well as YouTube.

8. I will easily write 5 days a week by December 31st 2017:
This past month I recommitted to writing again after taking roughly 6 months off. I felt a little rusty getting started again and I can truthfully say I still haven’t found my groove yet. Some days, dispute my efforts I haven’t been able to put out worthwhile content and I’m not about to release mediocre work—this is my craft and I honor it as such. I still have lots of time to reach my goal of writing 5 days a week and I feel like I’m on the right track again as I ease back into writing, finding joy in writing a solid piece which inspires, motivates and uplifts.

9. I will easily reach 200,000 followers on Social Media by December 31st:
 No progress on this goal yet. My goal is to rewatch my Social Media courses & implement their strategies full force once my eCommerce work is automated.

Health & Fitness Goals:

10. I will easily be in the best shape of my life by December 31st 2017
I mentioned last month that I was very happy with my progress on this goal to date. I’m on target to hitting my bulking goals but after my report last month it seems I got a little over-confident and started bulking a little recklessly, adding more fat to my frame than wanted or necessary. I’m making the necessary revisions to my diet and cardio regiment to remedy this and see these changes as necessary course corrections to hit my goals in the months to come.

  • March 1 – June – 14 BULK
  • June 15 – July 15 CUT

11. I will easily do the Splits by December 31st 2017:
The splits are coming along nicely. I’m feeling quite confident in this goal, though I’ve had some strange issues in my pelvis with pops and cracks I never noticed before (yikes!). I’ll have to get this checked out, but overall very happy with my progress here. Will post a progress picture on Instagram soon :).

12. I will easily hire a personal Muay Thai Coach by December 31st 2017:
This goal is planned for Q3.

Travel & Lifestyle

13. I will easily cross off 2 different destinations on my LIFE LIST by December 31st 2017
In April I booked trips to both New York and Montreal. Later this year I’m contemplating doing a Hawaii trip with family and also something international, maybe Columbia as discussed in earlier reviews, or maybe Philippinesines where my virtual staff HQ is. Only time will tell which destination will come to fruition, but either way, I’m envisioning some great travels this year!

14. I will easily have lived in a Creative Space / Loft by December 31st 2017:
Currently, I am subletting a Condo by Sunset Beach in DT Vancouver for 6-8 weeks. During this time I will be I sourcing accommodations which are more in line with my Loft/Creative Space goal. I’m excited to be living back in Vancouver and will be making the most of it!

15. I will easily record a Song by December 31st 2017:
In April I submitted an audition for a solo performance in my choir—fingers crossed! Additionally, choir rehearsals have been going great and I am getting more and more confident in my voice. I also won free a free Vocal training session with my amazing Choir director and vocal coach Rebecca Lam and I’m super excited about this. Rebecca is an angel and I’m so grateful to have her as a director and vocal coach! Check her out here!

Personal Development Goals:

16. I will follow my morning routine 5 days a week by December 31st 2017:
Last month, after having difficulty with my morning routine, I revised my routine and even posted it on my bathroom mirror as a reminder to follow through with my commitment. This seemed to work for a short while but as the month progressed I noticed myself falling asleep later and later at night and I became flexible on the time I would wake up each morning, which derailed my routine alltogether. Now, having just moved I am recommitting once again, this time I am unwilling to to revise my morning alarm for the sake of comfort and being more strict with the time I sleep. Discipline 101.

17. I will easily Meditate every day by December 31st 2017:
Whenever I have a weak morning routine, my meditation (which is part of my morning routine ) seems to fall apart too (duh). Though these last few days I’ve been having great success with both, I hope to keep this momentum up with my chance of address. New space, new routines, new me 😉

18. I will easily Condense 12 books into Reports by December 31st:
Again, I didn’t read anything in April. I have a shelf of books which I’ve ordered but not yet committed to reading. I’m hoping my new daily routine will give me more space to enjoy books more regularly.

19. I will easily attend 1 Personal Development Event by December 31st 2017:
No progress has been made on this goal yet.

Selfless Service

20. I will easily donate 1000 articles of clothing to the Homeless
No progress has been made on this goal yet. Goal is to donate during the winter of Q4.

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