My February 2017 Goals Review

At the end of each month I perform a monthly goal review where I measure the progress of my 2017 goals and recalibrate my performance to ensure I reach my targets for the year. The Objective of this review is to be 100% honest and truthful with myself and learn from my mistakes & wins as I go.

Below is my February 2017 Monthly Goals Review, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I’ve made so far. Ultimately, it is my hope that my goal list and process inspire you to set and achieve your own goals & ambitions.

General Overview:

February was an intense and emotionally draining month for me. I didn’t feel focused and my rituals and routines seemed to fall apart. The weather was gloomy and this reflected in my mood this month.

During months like these, theirs always things to learn from your experience. My biggest learning in February was not to think with my head so much and to lead my heart instead. I was sweating the small details and often small details only represent the fringe of the bush stroke, it is more important to take notice of the bigger picture that is being painted instead of being blinded by the details. Sometimes excessive attention to details cause overthinking and over-thinking is the art of creating problems that don’t exist.

Lastly, another important reminder I was given this month was a man without a plan for his future will always tend to return to his past. This year I am so grateful for having a plan to step into my best year yet and build a life I don’t need a vacation from. Wishing you a blessed month ahead!

Lots of love—Sunny.

Business Goals:

1. I will easily 5x my monthly income by December 31st 2017:
Despite the week-long Chinese New Year Holiday which halts all manufacturing and shipping in China, we’ve had a great month in sales. Our facebook ads are performing well and we generated our single biggest orders to date in February.

2. I will easily launch a successful Subscription Service by December 31st 2017:
This month I did a lot of research to see what it would take to start a toiletries subscription box service. We sourced suppliers, fulfillment centers and even received a pitch from our videographer on how to market the brand. At the moment, the biggest part of the puzzle is figuring out our reach & profit margins to know if this idea is viable. Secondly, I had plan to make progress on my monthly Bushido Masterclass subscription service, but progress on this has been slow because of my focus on eCommerce.

3. I will easily host my first Retreat by December 31st 2017:
In February we held a small 5 member inner-circle trial retreat in Whistler. The experience was nothing short of amazing and gave us great confidence in holding a retreat here in Whistler, BC where we have world-class amenities such as Whistlers amazing scenery, the Scandinavian Spa and luxury lodges

4. I will easily be a Certified High-Performance Coach by December 31st 2017:
No progress made on this goal yet. Training starts in June 2017.

5. I will easily Launch a Course by December 31st 2017:
In February the Bushido Body team got together over a meal and recommitted to this project after a 6+ month hiatus. The plan is to review old footage to see if our current location is fit for the project. We have made a commitment to filming in March.

6. I will easily hire a team by December 31st 2017:
February was the first month I put our team into action. Though the team is maturing, the processes I’ve set are clunky and not performing as smoothly or efficiently as they should. The next goal is to create and refine processes so processes can be repeated and scaled.

7. I will easily record 30 videos by December 31st 2017:
No progress has been made on this goal yet.

8. I will easily write 5 days a week by December 31st 2017:
I have lost touch with writing this month, focusing almost exclusively on eCommerce. After I automate more of the eCommerce work in March I will return to my writing in Q2.

9. I will easily reach 200,000 followers on Social Media by December 31st:
 No progress on this goal yet. My goal is to rewatch my Social Media courses & implement their strategies full force once my meditation webinar is launched.

Health & Fitness Goals:

10. I will easily be in the best shape of my life by December 31st 2017
I’m very happy with my overall fitness and aesthetic is early in the year. However, I am still behind on my goal of reaching 185 lbs by March 31st and need to make some adjustments in my diet to compensate for this plateau.

11. I will easily do the Splits by December 31st 2017:
This goal has stagnated somewhat in February with only a handful of stretching sessions. I am working with my friend Slava again and we are creating a routine on how to perform the splits, I will use this process to refine my own routine and rekindle my practice.

12. I will easily hire a personal Muay Thai Coach by December 31st 2017:
This goal is planned for Q3.

Travel & Lifestyle

13. I will easily cross off 2 different destinations on my LIFE LIST by December 31st 2017
This goal is ideally for Q3-Q4. Currently, Hawaii is on the list for a possible family trip at the end of the year. Other potential locations include New York & Montreal for a trip with a dear friend and perhaps even New Orleans for one of my best friends stag!

14. I will easily have lived in a Creative Space / Loft by December 31st 2017:
This month I received blessings from my parents to reach this goal and I’m excited about this next chapter in my life. I’ve even found a potential spot! Goal planned for Q2.

15. I will easily record a Song by December 31st 2017:
My Choir classes have been going great! I’m getting more confident in my voice and remember most of my parts by heart. These next few weeks I will dedicate to remembering all my parts by heart and continue to improve my performance. Choir is giving me the regular practice and motivation to record a song by the end of the year.

Personal Development Goals:

16. I will easily Meditate every day by December 31st 2017:
This month my routine was throw off a little by my retreat, but I still managed to meditate most days with the exception of missing 4 days in February. So far to date I have missed 5 meditation days out of the 59 days to date. Not bad, not great.

17. I will follow my morning routine 5 days a week by December 31st 2017:
My morning routine was very sporadic this month—a chain reaction caused by the retreat I went on earlier this month where I didn’t follow any routine and came back feeling free spirited and unwilling to be more ridgid or disciplined. Tomorrow is a fresh week and I will start my routine from scratch gain and bring it back into full momentum in March.  

18. I will easily Condense 12 books into Reports by December 31st:
This month I listened to the book, “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah, and it’s brilliant! Lots of life lessons on the hustle, how to deal with adversity, and even how to raise a child. This is a book about LIFE, and it’s an epic piece of work. Inspiring, motivating and beautifully performed by Trevor Noha himself. One of my new favourite personalities.

19. I will easily attend 1 Personal Development Event by December 31st 2017:
No progress has been made on this goal yet.

Selfless Service

20. I will easily donate 1000 articles of clothing to the Homeless
No progress has been made on this goal yet. Goal is to donate during the winter of Q4.

2017 Goals Calendar

The Goals Calendar serves as a mechanism to spread your goals and goal progressions evenly throughout the year. It prevents overload and forces you to create a plan which increases your chances for success.

Quarter 1: Jan 1st-March 31st

  • 185lbs
    • Create Meal Plan
    • Commit 100% to workout plan
  • Join Choir
  • 2x Monthly Income from Dec 2016
    • Launch Bushido Body Course
    • Launch Monthly Subscription Service
    • Hire Designer & 2nd VA
    • Redo Instagram Domination Course
    • Build a team for the Smile Club Project
    • Schedule Posts
  • Record 8 videos
  • Taxes
  • Read & summerize 3 books
    • Secret of the Ages
  • Meditate 15min Daily
  • Write for 45min Daily
    • 8 Blog Posts
  • Hold weekly Sunday reviews x4
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