My June 2017 Goals Review


Due to a random glitch, my review for June 2017 has disappeared! šŸ™ Despite some readers confirming that they read my June post, it seems to have gone missing after an automatic WordPressdpress update. After trying for hours to recover this lost post, I’ve decided to move on with my life lol.

  • Hired a WordPress expert from UpWork to help
  • Looked into the WordPress database to find old versions of this blog but was unsuccessful
  • Asked my web host for a backup, but they only supply backups of 30 days – which wasn’t long enough.

If anyone knows anything else I can try to recover my lost post – please let me know. Otherwise, let this be a reminderĀ to all of us to backup regularly and don’t write directly in WordPress (as I have done) instead write your blog posts in Google docs and transfer them over when ready. See ya next month!

Lots of love,

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