My March 2017 Goals Review

At the end of each month, I perform a monthly goal review where I measure the progress of my 2017 goals and recalibrate my performance to ensure I reach my targets for the year.

The objective of this review is to be 100% honest and truthful with myself and learn from my mistakes & wins as I go.

Below is my March 2017 Monthly Goals Review, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I’ve made so far. Ultimately, it is my hope that my goal list and process inspire you to set and achieve your own goals & ambitions.

General Monthly Overview:

As March wound to a close, I felt empowered, focused and excited again after a short spell of the opposite.

April brings with it the start of a new Quarter, Q2 and for that reason I did a review of Q1 this weekend. After reviewing Q1 of 2017, I can honestly say I’m so glad I began to document my goals this year. Reviewing my progress has shown me my strengths and exposed my weaknesses. It’s allowed me to celebrate my victories and analyze my shortcomings.

Too often in my life I’ve set goals, always starting strong but losing steam while in the trenches.  This process of documenting my goals and especially documenting them publically holds me accountable to my intentions for 2017 and allows me to course-correct as I go—something which is paramount to success in any endeavor.

I’m excited for Q2 and can’t wait to start the first Monday of the month tomorrow. Hope you’re feeling just as empowered as I am.

Lots of love—Sunny.

Business Goals:

1. I will easily 5x my monthly income by December 31st 2017:
I didn’t experience much growth in March in comparison to February, but overall I’m happy with the numbers in Q1 because we’ve matched or exceeded our Christmas season numbers every month this year. I’m very optimistic about this goal and I’m really excited to try some new marketing techniques to increase sales.

2. I will easily launch a successful Subscription Service by December 31st 2017:
I spent a good chunk of time in Q1 sourcing suppliers and fulfillment options for my Toiletries Subscription Service brand. But after some time crunching numbers, talking with suppliers and fulfillment operations, the idea just didn’t work—it was going to be very difficult to make it profitable given our current resources and reach. I’m so glad I put in the work to validate this idea before launching it blindly like I have so many other initiatives before (thank you life-experience!). I’ll continue brainstorming other subscription service ideas with the intent to launch at least 1 subscription service this year. Alternatively, I still want to execute on a Bushido Academy Monthly Masterclass subscription service, but not before I have automated the bulk of my eCommerce business—one thing at a time.

3. I will easily host my first Retreat by December 31st 2017:
This month my team and I came together to design a series of live talks in Vancouver which are designed to promote our retreat later this year. We’ve found places to host our talks and started some very preliminary branding exercises with considerations for potential names and target audiences.

4. I will easily be a Certified High-Performance Coach by December 31st 2017:
No progress made on this goal yet. Training starts in June 2017, or alternatively, training also starts in the Fall of 2017.

5. I will easily Launch a Course by December 31st 2017:
This month we finished filming roughly 70% of the Bushido Body course, our goal was to finish filming in March, but due to an unforeseen injury, we had to postpone our filming. I hope to wrap up filming this month given the schedules of all those involved match-up and launch shortly after.

6. I will easily hire a team by December 31st 2017:
In March, the first ever team I assembled in February started falling apart. My lack of experiencing managing a team is to blame for this. I have learned that a team is organic in nature and must be nurtured and tended to. For reasons of laziness, lack of excitement and poor of awareness, I neglected to nurture my team and things began to fall apart as a result. So in April, it is my goal to take what I learned from Version 1.0 of my team and put the effort into greatly improving my team to Version 2.0. For this, I have multiple strategies, one of which is to hire a manager who is my go-to when assigning tasks and reviewing progress. At the moment, I am interacting with multiple team members which isn’t time-efficient and can be energetically draining.  Instead, I will restructure my team with a manager role making it easier for me to spend time nurturing the team and keeping them occupied with work & challenges which will keep them excited, focused and engaged.

7. I will easily record 30 videos by December 31st 2017:
No progress has been made on this goal yet. But in my Q1 review, my accountability partner and I came up with a strategy to get this task done in 2017. I’ve refocused on how I’m going to be making these videos and I’m opting for quick 1-min style videos which will be sharable on Instagram as well as YouTube.

8. I will easily write 5 days a week by December 31st 2017:
I lost touch with writing in Q1, focusing almost exclusively on eCommerce. I am reminded that writing is very therapeutic and for me it can be very inspiring to translate complicated ideas into simplified ideas for easy absorption. This is also a skill set I will be using for the rest of my life, so I want to train it. For these reasons, I am recommitting to this task—writing and posting 1 Bushido Code a day. I have scheduled this in my calendar so it actually happens.

9. I will easily reach 200,000 followers on Social Media by December 31st:
 No progress on this goal yet. My goal is to rewatch my Social Media courses & implement their strategies full force once my eCommerce work is automated.

Health & Fitness Goals:

10. I will easily be in the best shape of my life by December 31st 2017
I’m very happy with my fitness results in Q1. I look & feel great. I surpassed my goal of 185lbs and weighed in at 185.5 @ 10% BF (rough guide measured with a cheap electronic scale) which is bigger and leaner that I had expected. I am now coming down to the last portion of my bulking phase and am excited to see what I can achieve with the time allotted. My Bulk cycle ends ~June 14th, but I may shorten this to June 1st depending on my results.

  • March 1 – June – 14 BULK
  • June 15 – July 15 CUT

11. I will easily do the Splits by December 31st 2017:
This month I took my first pictures of me doing the splits (as low as I could go). Since then I’ve really put more focus and energy into doing the splits. Again, I feel it’s the act of making my goals public (this time in the form of pictures on my Instagram) which really motivate and drive me. I also have new workout warm-up routine which I believe will help me get to my goal faster.

12. I will easily hire a personal Muay Thai Coach by December 31st 2017:
This goal is planned for Q3.

Travel & Lifestyle

13. I will easily cross off 2 different destinations on my LIFE LIST by December 31st 2017
This Quarter I set the intention for a trip to New York and also a trip to Columbia too. With Columbia, I’ll be able to cross off my “Visit South American” off my Life List too. Plans for these trips begin this week. Stay tuned!

14. I will easily have lived in a Creative Space / Loft by December 31st 2017:
May 1st I will be subletting a Condo in Yaletown for 6-8 weeks. During this time I will be I sourcing accommodations which are more in line with my Loft/Creative Space goal. I’m excited to be living back in Vancouver and plan on using the Month of April to work extra hard so I can really enjoy my summer in Vancouver.

15. I will easily record a Song by December 31st 2017:
Today I performed with the YVR Choir at our first ever SOLD OUT show & charity event. The show was a massive success and I feel like I’m one step closer to achieving my goal of recording a track in 2017. I’m rejoining the choir in Q2 for additional practice and accountability and I hope to secure some 1-on-1 training soon too.

Personal Development Goals:

16. I will easily Meditate every day by December 31st 2017:
This month my meditation routine was the worst of month of any month so far. This is due to my weak morning routine ritual. As you’ll read below, I’ve recommitted to my morning ritual and with it, my meditation routine. I might also revise this goal to meditate for 100 days in a row, which would still be an accomplishment I would be proud of.

17. I will follow my morning routine 5 days a week by December 31st 2017:
As mentioned above, my morning routine wasn’t very well kept in March with the exception of the last 1/3rd of the month where I began to refocus on the core pillars of my routine which brought more clarity and energy to my days. This quarter I’m 100% recommitting to my morning routine. I’ve revised it slightly and posted it on my bathroom mirror so I’m able to follow it even if I’m still half asleep =P

18. I will easily Condense 12 books into Reports by December 31st:
I didn’t read anything in March. I have a shelf of books which I’ve ordered but not yet committed to reading. I’m hoping my new daily routine will give me more space to enjoy books more regularly.

19. I will easily attend 1 Personal Development Event by December 31st 2017:
No progress has been made on this goal yet.

Selfless Service

20. I will easily donate 1000 articles of clothing to the Homeless
No progress has been made on this goal yet. Goal is to donate during the winter of Q4.

2017 Goals Calendar

The Goals Calendar serves as a mechanism to spread your goals and goal progressions evenly throughout the year. It prevents overload and forces you to create a plan which increases your chances for success.

Quarter 1: April 1st – June 30th—COMING SOON

  • 190lbs
    • Refine Meal Plan
    • Commit 100% to revised workout plan w/ mobility routine
  • Join Choir
  • 3x Monthly Income from Dec 2016
    • Launch Bushido Body Course
    • Launch Monthly Subscription Service
    • Hire Designer & 2nd VA
    • Redo Instagram Domination Course
    • Build a team for the Smile Club Project
    • Schedule Posts
  • Record 8 videos
  • Taxes
  • Read & summerize 3 books
    • Secret of the Ages
  • Meditate 15min Daily
  • Write for 45min Daily
    • 8 Blog Posts
  • Hold weekly Sunday reviews x4



  • WRITE a Bushido Code a day (use more of your own personality) Schedule into morning routine [DONE]
  • Listen to Tim Ferris – Mr Money Moustache DONE
  • Have a CODES wisdom Notepad and jot down notes for each video or Code [DONE]
  • Film a video from old content [IN CALENDAR – MAY]
  • Create Bushido Code YouTube Page by April 7th [DONE]
  • Vancouver Loft Sublet [searched – didn’t find anything I liked]
  • Follow morning routine strictly (simplify on paper) and add meditation. [DONE]
  • Put all action items into calendar & text Kirk when done.  [DOING RIGHT NOW]
  • Create a Q2 plan [IN CALENDAR – SUNDAY]
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