My May & June 2018 Goals Review

At the end of each month, I perform a monthly goal review where I measure the progress of my 2018 goals and recalibrate my performance to ensure I reach my targets for the year. The Objective of this review is to be 100% honest and truthful with myself and learn from my mistakes & wins as I go.

Below is my May & June 2018 Monthly Goals Review, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I’ve made so far. Ultimately, it is my hope that my goal list and process inspire you to set and achieve your own goals.


I’m high right now… on life, lol. I realize I sound like a crazy person – but things are going great right now. I feel Iike the energy I’m putting into my life is being reciprocated by the universe almost instantly. In the past, I could definitely feel my efforts come back to me – but the process was much more drawn out and less intense.

As I look back at these past 6 months – I feel like I’ve made good progress on many of my goals. I still have a long way to go and I definitely need to increase my intensity to reach all my goals, but I’m not shy when it comes to putting in the work.

We’re in the heat of summer here in Vancouver, my favorite season by far! I hope you’re enjoying your Summer and making the most of it while it’s here 🙂

With love,

Goals for 2018:

1. I will make 7 figures in 2018

The numbers for the first half of this year were dismal. Our e-commerce store wasn’t performing at all, and the time and energy we were investing into launching new products weren’t getting us any results. The store was failing and it was depressing to watch it happen!

So 6 weeks ago I decided to rebrand the store, downsize the team and take a more bootstrap approach; basically, we restrategized. Then, just two weeks ago we began seeing the store come back to life. We’re still a long, long way from reaching this goal, but the beauty of e-commerce is that things can scale up real quick – so I will be working on this with vigor. In recent weeks I’ve had a hunger to learn new things. I’m watching way more tutorials and trying new marketing tactics. For example, I’ve recently started doing Snapchat ads with the intention to diversify our traffic streams. I’m stepping more so into the true role of an Internet Marketer, gone are the days of being just a single focused Designer, this combination of Design & Internet Marketing allows me to be a strategic thinker, and that’s my biggest asset in business, so I’m putting it to use.

2. DONE: I will make an App by April 2018

The first version of the app was done in April. These last 2 months my partner & I have spent our time improving the user experience and our marketing angle. We’ve changed the name of the app from FOCUS to PRIMR, with an emphasis on “priming” our users for peak performance. We’re really happy with the direction this project is taking. Plus, it’s a bonus that I’m enjoying work on this project a lot – it’s low stress and very gratifying.  I will share the app here when it’s ready for public release.

3. Understand Cryptocurrency and build a Winning Portfolio by December 2018

With Bitcoin hitting its current year low, I wish I had some extra capital to buy, but I don’t – so I’ve tuned out most crypto news waiting for the market to rebound. I have positions in a variety of coins and I plan to ride out this bear market. As I said in my last review, I’m still very confident in my holdings and remind myself that I’m in this for the long term, so I’m content with holding my current positions.

4. Create and Distribute a Hardcover Journal by Fall 2018

No progress on this task.

I still need to consider my options for funding this project:

  1. Self-funded (less work, more risk) OR
  2. Kickstarter campaign (more work, less risk)

I also need to estimate how much time I will need to finish this project.

5. Bulk to 200lbs in bodyweight in 2018

Ok, well it’s  June and I’m still about 190lbs.  I’m not a hard-gainer, this is more of a lack of discipline when it comes to my diet and workout plan. But, I’m still the most I’ve weighed in a very long time – so I’m not disappointed in my current result; I’m actually looking forward to keep building my strength and size. Not cutting this year was a unique experience, I’ve always leaned out every summer – but this strategy of a full year bulk might be exactly what I needed to finally hit the 200lb mark. If I do continue to bulk for the rest of the year, then I might even aim for larger than 200lbs if my body feels good.

I changed the date of this goal from June 2018, to simply 2018

6. Learn to cook 5 healthy high protein Indian dishes by October 2018

I’ve been cooking up a storm. I’m just going to add to this list below what else I’ve made. My trend of eating more home cooked meals and eating out less is continuing. I used to eat out 30-40% of the time, but now I eat out only about 10% of the time. Though I haven’t cooked many Indian dishes, I have gotten fairly comfortable in the kitchen and in the last few months I’ve made a variety of dishes, most notably:

  • Thai Green Curry (veg & non-veg) (8/10)
  • Red Lentil & Meat Sauce Pasta (9/10)
  • Mango Sticky Rice (7/10)
  • Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding) (6/10)
  • Banana Nut Muffins (5/10)
  • Mushroom Proscottio Linguine (10/10)
  • Jalapeno Beef Burgers w/ Yam Fries (10/10)
  • Shrimp Pad Thai (5/10)
  • Sweet Ginger Beef Rice Bowl (6/10)
  • Avacado Linguine (4/10)
  • Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake (10/10)
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (8/10)
  • Banana Bread Ice Cream (7/10)

Note from May 2018:

Overall, I’m really enjoying cooking for myself and others (other than the clean up – I hate that part!) but not many of the dishes I’ve made so far have been Indian dishes (as per the original goal). So I could go 2 ways with this.

  1. Learn and cook more Indian dishes (less interesting to me at the moment) OR
  2. Cook more of what I feel like (more interesting to me right now).

In the name of FUN, I’m just going to pick option (2) and continue to get more familiar with the kitchen with spices and flavors as I’ve already been doing. I feel if I corner myself into Indian food only, it might suck the fun out of it. That’s not to say I won’t learn more Indian dishes, it just might not be ALL Indian as I had originally thought.

7. I will write, sing & perform music by Dec 2018

Choir this year has been amazing. I really feel like I’m coming into my groove as a singer. I’m singing louder and more confidently now than I ever had in any of my past semesters. Just a week ago I performed at the York Theater here in Vancouver with my choir – both in the choir as a whole and in a solo performance of Justin Timberlake’s “Senorita”. This was my first solo, ever.

I went into the experience feeling good. I had practiced the song for well over a month and I felt like I had my “sound” down. After I sang, I left the stage feeling good about what I did. However, after reviewing video of me singing I saw areas which I neglected and room for improvement. At first, this self-criticism robbed me of some of the joy from my experience, but as I thought about it – I knew that this first solo was just that – my very first solo performance. So naturally, there would only be one way to go from here – up. I’m also happy I’m critical of myself and my performance. The more I read about the best (in any arena) the more I learn that they are all critical of themselves, and always have a thirst for improvement.

8. DONE: Do an epic travel in Fall of 2018

Written in May:
So I’ve been trying to plan this “epic travel” the last few months and then when I was in NYC, it HIT ME! I was already on that adventure. I was surrounded by 40+ friends from Choir and close friends who traveled from Vancouver, Calgary, and San Francisco to see me. Even having been to NYC only 8 months prior, this second NYC experience was one I won’t soon forget.

After 10 days in NYC, I then flew to Toronto where I got a sweet family hook-up on an amazing Airbnb (with its own rock climbing studio!) and a brand new 2018 Jeep to check out the city. Toronto was so good to me; the locals were ultra friendly, the food was amazing and my company was perfect.

Sometimes you have to take a step back to see just how good you’ve got it. So I asked myself about this “epic travel”. Was this experience the epic travel I was looking for? And the answer was a resounding, YES.

Do I feel the need for another multi-week trip right now? No.

Will I still seek out more adventures in 2018? Well, let’s say,  I’d never say no to an adventure 🙂

Hope you gained something from this review!



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