My November & December 2017 Goals Review

At the end of each month, I perform a monthly goal review where I measure the progress of my 2017 goals and recalibrate my performance to ensure I reach my targets for the year.

The objective of this review is to be 100% honest and truthful with myself and learn from my mistakes & wins as I go.

Below is my review for  November & December 2017, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I’ve made on it. Ultimately, it is my hope that my goal list and process inspire you to set and achieve your own goals & ambitions.

General Overview:

As the year comes to a close I am grateful for the experience these 365 days have provided. This was my first time setting goals in this manner and it was also the first time I’ve ever made any of my goals public. The experience itself was unique and valuable.

I learned many things about myself these past 12 months. I will review in more detail how I will apply my learnings in 2018 in my January 2018 Blog Post, in the meantime here are my 3 biggest learnings which stood out from this goal setting process.

1. I overwhelmed myself by setting too many goals. lol yup, who would have thought, 20 goals is too many, especially for a first attempt. I really set expectations high. Even though I tried my best to diversify my goals in difficulty, time and complexity etc,  it felt like I was always chasing after something. I underestimated the time, energy and focus involved. Simply put, I wasn’t ready to tackle 20 goals.

2. Setting 20 goals all with a deadline of Dec 31st, wasn’t smart. This caused me a lot of pressure near the end of the year. In October I experienced a paralysis of sorts by the overwhelming number of goals I had yet to achieve. During that time I went almost 2 weeks without doing anything at all, I had a fear of taking action.

3. Goal setting works. Theirs no doubt about it; having a desire, writing it down and working towards it day-in-day-out is a surefire formula for success. In years passed I started the year with good intentions but my energy levels towards my goals quickly faded. This was the first time I’ve accomplished more than 3 goals in 1 year.

This year I accomplished 6 goals fully and came VERY close to accomplishing another 4. I’m proud of my efforts and I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned from 2017 with me into 2018.

With love,

Business Goals:

1. DONE – I will easily 5x my monthly income by December 31st 2017:
November was our strongest month to date—by a long shot! The combination of the Holiday Season and Black Friday/Cyber Monday surpassed our expectations. Because of this bump and a solid investment in cryptocurrencies in Q4 we were able to hit our 5x target.

This first goal was my biggest and most important goal. As an entrepreneur, it is my responsibility to be driven, because the alternative to be passive and lazy is too darn easy and tempting.  Targets help us push ourselves and grow. Additionally, as a newer entrepreneur, I needed confirmation that quitting my job in Q3 2015 was the right thing to do.  This goal was #1 on my list for a reason, it shaped the following 8 goals and I’m very happy I achieved.

2. 90% COMPLETE – I will easily launch a successful Subscription Service by December 31st 2017:
My new Coffee Brand is almost ready to launch. We have our first batch of a product designed, labeled and ready to be shipped to the fulfillment house. The landing and sales pages are done and ads and social media products are almost done too. Realistically, this project is probably still about 4 weeks out from an official launch, just due to logistics – so even though I didn’t make the self-inflicted “deadline” I’m so excited to get this thing shipped out and see what people think of it!

3. INCOMPLETE – I will easily host my first Retreat by December 31st 2017:
Beyond the progress made early in the year on this task, no additional progress was made on this goal. If I am to be honest, my desire to hold a retreat faded mid-year. Instead of pursuing something with dwindling interest I decided not invest energy into this goal this year. It wasn’t the best use of my time nor did the timing of this goal fit in with my larger plan. The desire to hold a retreat was a bit premature. I still do have a desire to hold retreats on the topic of ancient wisdom and high performance with my circle, but only when the calling is stronger.

4. INCOMPLETE – I will easily be a Certified High-Performance Coach by December 31st 2017:
As a student of personal development for over 10 years, I’m aware of the large and growing number of underqualified personal development gurus in the market and didn’t want to be one of them. For this reason, I feel a strong calling to getting certified in the area of high-performance by my long-term mentor Brendon Burchard.

The Certification is an intense, week-long hands-on workshop in California that only happens once a year—it’s also expensive. With a huge pull into eCommerce this year to reach goal #1 on this list, I invested less time and energy into my Personal Development work. I did this because it made sense in order to reach goal #1 easier, and it was the right thing to do.

Lesson: The landscape of goals and motivations changes. Learn to be flexible in your approach.

5. 90% COMPLETE – I will easily Launch a Course by December 31st, 2017:
Well, the Bushido Body course is finally wrapped up! All 10 modules have been recorded, edited and mastered. What I haven’t done yet is release this course into the wild. This still needs some time, though not too much. I came very close to finishing this goal within the year, its something that we’ve been working on for over a year so I’m glad to finally have it all recorded and ready for launch. I learned a lot from this project. My biggest learning was how to efficiently schedule teams (this project had many moving parts and was difficult to coordinate all parties involved) I also learned that I need to work with a sense of speed and urgency, especially with group projects because as time passes, enthusiasm dwindles.

6. DONE – I will easily hire a team by December 31st, 2017:
This year we successfully added a Copywriter, Video Talent, an IT Person and a full-time customer service team to our staff. As time progressed, we added a total of 10 people to our team.  One thing I’ve learned is the task of hiring a team is one that never ends. I’m always looking for that next rock star that can help take us to the next level. But I’m very happy with where our team is at now, especially in comparison to the start of the year.

7. INCOMPLETE – I will easily record 30 videos by December 31st 2017:
Fear. That’s why progress wasn’t made on this goal. Throughout the last few years of writing in my journal and recording my progress in all areas of my life, I’ve noticed I delay or put off indefinitely tasks which scare me the most. Video is a huge fear of mine, I believe with all my heart that when I get into it, I will be good at what I do – but for the time being, I have a paralyzing fear of video and for that reason haven’t made any videos. Well, that’s not technically true, because I have made a series of videos for a Journaling Course I created in 2015, but I never released it because I didn’t feel like it was good enough.

So, how do I get rid of this fear? I know the answer, and it’s simple—I just feel the fear and do it anyways. I will regroup and tackle this goal again in the near future.

8. INCOMPLETE – I will easily write 5 days a week by December 31st 2017:
Writing is therapeutic for me. In addition to learning and digesting information better through writing, I enjoy the process of writing and gain great joy from a well-written post. However, in the last year or so I’ve been writing less, so in an effort to motivate myself, I made it a goal to write almost every day in 2017. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

Despite enjoying writing, I don’t always write. I only write when I’m motivated. This past year I wasn’t very motivated to write, mostly because it took time and energy away from my main goal of 5x-ing my income. Now that I feel comfortable with where I’m at financially, I will revisit writing more in 2018.

Learning: These goals of writing x-times a week or mediating x-days a week aren’t great goals. For me, they don’t work. These are the goals I had the hardest time with and I think it’s because missing even a day is demotivating.

9. DONE – I will easily reach 200,000 followers on Social Media by December 31st:
Currently, we’re at 300,000 followers for the eCommerce brand and just under 60,000 followers for my personal development brand. That’s a total of 360,000 followers. Goal reached!

Health & Fitness Goals:

10. INCOMPLETE – I will easily be in great shape by December 31st, 2017
Did I reach my goal of being in “great shape”? Good question. I started this blog to be held accountable, but also to be honest with myself and learn in the process. There were times this year when I looked my physique and was happy with the results. But, I’m very aware of my potential and I don’t think I hit my peak potential this year as I had intended. Most notably I found myself lacking in my bulk phase. This has been the case for many years, I am great at leaning out but bulking is difficult for me, mostly because I find it hard to eat as much as I need for optimal growth. With that said though, I am the strongest I’ve ever been. My posture has never been better and I’m the most technically sound at the gym that I’ve ever been. I also learned new movement modalities (Functional Patterns) and have become quite competent in calisthenics.

I am going to leave this goal and INCOMPLETE to serve as motivation for my fitness goals in 2018. I hold myself to a high standard and look forward to reaching GREAT shape in 2018.

2018 Fitness Goals:
– Bulk: 205
– Cut: 185 @ sub 10% BF

11. 80% COMPLETE – I will easily do the Splits by December 31st, 2017:
This is one of those goals which I started with lots of effort, stretching each day at the gym, but then neglecting my stretching routine all throughout summer and fall and then focusing on it again with lots of effort in the winter. I made some really great gains during those times of practice, but unfortunately not enough to say I achieved full splits. This is the lowest I’ve been able to take my splits ever, so I’m happy with my results, but it’s also a bit bittersweet knowing that I was so close to my goal without achieving it.

12. INCOMPLETE – I will easily hire a personal Muay Thai Coach by December 31st 2017:
I didn’t manage this goal this year. I don’t really know why. I love martial arts and I’m good at them too. Looking back, it might be due to poor planning—I left this goal until the last minute, maybe I under-estimated it? Or perhaps it had something to do with the polarity of my fitness goals. On one hand, my goal was to get bigger and stronger, on the other hand, Muay Thai is a largely aerobic discipline, countering the effects of bulking and lifting heavy weights. This might be an excuse and probably is.

Travel & Lifestyle

13. DONE – I will easily cross off 2 different destinations on my LIFE LIST by December 31st 2017
I successfully visited Montreal and New York City this summer. Both cities wowed me in different ways. To summarize, the European influence in Montreal made it seems like I had a little piece of Europe in my own backyard (without the 10-hour flight, the language barrier or the need to change currencies) and the sheer size and scale of New York City inspired me to dream bigger and grow my business to new heights.

Later in the year I was in Dallas, Texas for Entrepreneurs Dinner 7 – Luxury Yacht Experience, hosted by my good friend Rob Collier, and just last week I returned from a beautiful vacation with my family in Maui, Hawaii (our first family trip in recent history!). This year was very adventurous and I feel blessed for these amazing opportunities and look forward to many more 🙂

14. DONE – I will easily have lived in a Creative Space / Loft by December 31st, 2017:
This year I’ve spent my time living in a beautiful bright sub-loft in an active, sprawling part of the city next to the beach, some of my favorite cafes and close to the downtown core. In the process, I’ve learned a lot about the Vancouver real estate market and in the future, I look forward to purchasing property in this beautiful city.

15. 50% COMPLETE – I will easily record a Song by December 31st, 2017:
This summer I had the pleasure of performing a solo of Hozier’s Take me to Church with my choir, the YVR Pop Choir. This was my first ever performance, and I was lucky enogh to have it recorded—which technically was the requirement for this goal… but, the truth is I also had the intention of recording my first original song this year, which didn’t happen. So because of that, I’m marking this goal only 50% complete.

Next year I plan to put more time and energy into my music. Music is something I enjoy with all my being, I see it as a big part of my future.

Personal Development Goals:

16. 80% COMPLETE – I will easily follow my morning routine 5 days a week by December 31st, 2017:
I’ve been following morning routines for the past 6-7 years. When first introduced to the idea, I realized right away the huge benefit of having a well throughout morning routine to help with energy, focus, and productivity. This year I’ve applied my morning routine more so than ever before.

Having my morning routine printed out and on the fridge helped keep me consistant—it’s easy to veer off route when it’s dark and cold out and you’ve just woken up feeling groggy. But having my routine posted on my fridge has kept me focused, even when my willpower is low.

Dispite not completing my morning routine every day this month, it’s hard not to be happy with my progress. I can say with confidence I have a well thought out morning routine which I do MOST days, and I’m content with that.

17. 90% + COMPLETE – I will easily Meditate 100 days in a row by December 31st, 2017:
In the last 100 days, I mediated a total of 94 days, which means I missed 6 days. Before this goal, I was probably meditating 2x a week, so that’s a great improvement. Though I didn’t make this goal, this is an example of how just striving for a goal is so helpful. If it wasn’t for this goal, I still think I would be only mediating a couple of times a week. This goal helped me realize the importance of mediation in my day and how meditation helps with all areas of my life. I will continue this practice moving forward and aim to one day meditate daily without compromise.

18. INCOMPLETE – I will easily Condense 12 books into Reports by December 31st 2017:
This year I completed 8 books and if I am to be honest, I didn’t “read” most of them – instead, I listened to them as audiobooks. This was a great way for me to digest information while commuting, but it wasn’t the best way to retain that information for the purpose of writing book reports.

Looking back, I believe I didn’t write reports for any of these books because I simply wasn’t actively note taking. This is a huge learning for me. I watch lots of podcasts, documentaries, courses – and I don’t always have a notepad with me. This information is loosely absorbed and it’s just not efficient. Moving forward I plan to take notes while doing any kind of learning, including reading.

19. INCOMPLETE – I will easily attend 1 Personal Development Event by December 31st, 2017:
Reflecting back on this year, I’ve actually been to many Personal Development Events and Talks. I attended the Samurai Brotherhood Open House, the Man Talks Hike & Talk Event and even a Satsung hosted by my dear friend Boris Kerjner. I also traveled to Dallas Texas for an Entrepreneurs Dinner Event. But the honest intention for this goal wasn’t to attend short events, but rather to attend a seminar, preferably a powerful multi-day seminar to really empower me and my vision. I didn’t find myself called to anything. The events I wanted to attend, I found myself out of town. Not achieving this goal was due to a lack of planning my year. I will remember this lesson moving forward.

Selfless Service

20. DONE – I will easily donate 1000 articles of clothing to the Homeless
This was a very satisfying, feel-good goal to accomplish. Together with a local SEVA group, we donated food, water, and winter care packages (gloves, socks and a toque) to those in need in Vancouver Downside East Side. We also supplied the Vancouver Covenant House, an organization who helps youth who have fled physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse with winter care packages too. In total, we successfully donated 1000 articles of clothing and plan on increasing this number as the years go by.

End of review.

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